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Tourmaline home anion far infrared health care seat cushion

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zibo ShangShi environmental protection technology Co., LTD

Tourmaline home anion far infrared health care seat cushion

Packaging Details : High-grade packaging and export carton,Products and packaging can be customized according to custome

Delivery : According to the customer demand

Payment Terms : T/T,Western Union

Place of Origin : China

Sample Price : US$150

Application : [applicable people] 1, inadequate rest, often feel weak crowd 2, weak, meridian impassability crowd 3, often face bigger pressure of the crowd 4, aging virtual crowd 5, body endotoxin accumulation, the skin problems of the crowd this product scope of cervical vertebra, lumbar, proliferation and rheumatoid arthritis of diseases such as headache, general ache, joint pain, numbness symptoms such as efficacy obvious, on plant nerve dysfunction caused insomnia, forgetfulness, impatient, night sweat cases is also has good curative effect of hypertension apoplexy sequela, chronic gastropathy the discomfort caused such has good curative effect. [contraindications] Serious heart patients, pregnancy and later pregnant women, physique excessive faint of heart, installation cardiac pacemaker crowd consult a doctor advice, (removed) sometime using. [note, warning and informative content. 1 and when is unattended, indoor unmanned strictly forbid to use electricity. 2, can't forcibly knead, continuous electrify ergometer or shall not exceed 12 hours. 3, power indicator only show this mat has switch on the power, in working conditions. If the bright lights cushion still fever or fever, all lights cushion should send the maintenance service. 4, cannot put on heating surface heat fever objects using. 5, do not let the sharp injury cushion, don't knock mat and control switch, do not use pin or other metal tighten the thermostat. 6 and when mat humid, cannot switch on the power. 7, prohibit cheeper, cannot provide for oneself, or to heat sensitive people used alone. 8, must on the product received dc power supply. 9, mobile mat not drag soft wire of power, cannot soft wire of power as a fixed tape pull use. 10, use before and use should always check mat without wearing and damage phenomenon, such as discovery should stop using it. 11. Please make a need not when plucked plugs.

Samples : Charge

Minimum Order : 500

Category : Massage Cushion

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Product Description
We are the manufacturers for Tourmaline home health care seat cushion [product name] ShangShi far-infrared anion cushion [specifications] large, medium and small [accessories] cushion, the thermostat [product inspection standard GB/T7287-2008 " [origin, zibo, shandong zhoucun] [main functional materials] electrical stone, anion chips, fever materials ShangShi anion far-infrared cushion products adopt the special process composite elastic fabrics antibacterial, collect a variety of natural biomaterials, combining materials science, physiology and other professional scientific theory, technology and technics and into, is a new type of health functional high-tech products. This product processing power, after the growth of infrared thermal energy, permeate skin deep, anion lipid peroxide decomposition such harmful substances and through the sweat and urine eduction body outside, to the dilation of blood vessels, promote blood circulation, activate cells, adjust nerve has remarkable curative effect.

Product Feature
[main technical performances. 1) far infrared efficacy: electrical stone release far infrared can seep into the skin, activate cells 40mm deep tissue, improve microcirculation, promote metabolism, help eliminate body of various metabolites. 2) ions efficacy: expansion human blood capillary, promote the blood circulation, improve cell activity and metabolism, restorative, stable autonomic nervous, stable mind, And partial improvement indoor air quality, make the air clean and fresh. 3) super longwave of efficacy: able to enter human body deep, help promote blood circulation, stretch muscles, to all sorts of pain has valid soothing effects. 4) carbon fiber efficacy: carbon has bacteriostasis, direct human body odor, oil absorption smoke flavour and formaldehyde chemical gas, perspiration moisture absorption. Carbon fiber fever fitness effective arousal of electrical stone overheats, release the far infrared rays to make various materials function better effect.

Product Specification/Models
[usage] Mattess tile on the bed, lukewarm accuse implement park berth direction, covered quilt make their calorie easily lost. In order to obtain better health care effect, use mattess, please send energy stone layer as close to the body, the body and mattess shoulds not be too thick place overmuch between bedding layer. General at bedtime 10 minutes electricity, when a current will switch in high temperature, attaining proper temperature again when transferred to appropriate temperature bits, already insulation again province electricity. Thermostat detailed explanation: 1, this must be the thermostat ShangShi energy care series mattress, and other ancillary products use; 2, you can according to product panel temperature adjustment knob to set temperature (partial product USES button tempering, digital lights flashing, with "up", "down" button to adjust temperature, temperature in 30 degrees to 70 degrees between circulation, set back after the completion of the real-time temperature), 3, the thermostat for your design the humanized three timing mode function, respectively for four hours, 8 hours, 12 hours. Press this button, you don't have to forget to turn off the power and worry, thermostat work to set time, then automatically shut off power supply, (optional) 4, the thermostat design the electromagnetic shielding function. You only need to hand touch pad, also observe LCD electromagnetic wave, light, it means the began to work. 5, the thermostat for your design two regular pattern of super longwave option, push down this button is activated mattress within the super longwave device.

Other Information
Enterprise name: zibo ShangShi environmental protection technology Co., LTD Address: shandong production, zibo, zhoucun Zip code: 255300 Telephone number: 86-0533-6054114 Url: http://www.

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